"Improving community relations, through developing mutual understanding and relationships between faith groups"
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Welcome to the Stevenage Interfaith website! Thank you, by visiting us you are helping take a small step towards a more understanding future. We at Interfaith are a group of like minded individuals from different faiths and religious backgrounds, who believe that by educating both children and adults about different religions we can promote a more harmonious future. We welcome visitors from all backgrounds, colours, creeds and beliefs, in the hope that by better understanding each others faiths, we can better understand each other and indeed, better understand ourselves.

We believe it is important that people understand that Interfaith is not biased toward any one religion, we are not here to convert anyone or challenge their beliefs. We believe it is a fundamental right of everyone to hold their own religious beliefs. We seek to promote the knowledge of all religions, dispelling myths and allowing people to form their own opinions.


News & Events

15th Nov 2018 Event
Who is God?

Click here for the event poster.

Click here for interactive map and to find directions to the event.

16th Nov 2017 Event
Different but getting along

17st Nov 2016 Event
Marriage Customs

19th Nov 2015 Event
Faith: what difference does it make?

20th Nov 2014 Event
Sacred writings

21st Nov 2013 Event
Festivals of Faith

22st Nov 2012 Event
Spiritual Treasures

22 Nov 2012 Press Release
Click here for our press release.

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