"Improving community relations, through developing mutual understanding and relationships between faith groups"
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Interfaith holds regular seminars, meetings and activities designed to promote understanding between different faiths. We frequently have visits from prominent religious leaders from all of the nine world faiths, who are eager to both educate and be educated in return. Our meetings are not about arguing the validity of any religion; they are about dispelling myths and promoting understanding of what the members of different religions believe.

Interfaith believes that by educating people they will be better equipped to form their own opinions about what the different religions represent, making it much less likely that they will believe many of the myths and untruths which are often associated with religions.

We seek only to educate, not to convert, and we pride ourselves on being an open forum. This endeavour will aim to create tolerance for the ‘others’ and foster mutual trust and respect.


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21st Nov 2012 Event
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21 Nov 2012 Press Release
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